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Country Projects




Coordinator: Women’s Media Group
Contact: Aida Sakja, email:
Title: “No to Sexual Tourism; Yes to Cultural Tourism

The main aims of this project are to raise awareness about initiatives that favour decriminalization of prostitution in Albania, to oppose these initiatives, to focus on encroaching sexual tourism in the country in order to take preventive measures before the industry grows, and to promote awareness of women’s rights.

Coordinator: Association “Women for Contemporary Society” (AWCS)
Contact: Veronica Lupu, email :
Title: “No” to Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Exploitation

The main aims of the project are to inform the public about the dangers of trafficking and sexual exploitation; to demonstrate the consequences for women and for society; to identify who are the women who end up in prostitution and who are the clients; to initiate discussion about current trends to legalize prostitution; and to create a trained group of volunteers.

Coordinator: “Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation”
Contact: Genoveva Tisheva, email:
Title: “Information campaign against trafficking for sexual exploitation aimed to potential victims and clients”.

The proposed project is a joint initiative of three Bulgarian organisations- “ The Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation” – located in Sofia, “Demetra Association”- in Bourgas and “Ekaterina Karavelova”- in Silistra.

The main aim of the project is to spread awareness in the Bulgarian society about trafficking in women, its links with prostitution and to focus on the demand side as one of the main factors that causes this phenomenon.

Coordinators: “Centre for Women War Victims – ROSA + Women’s Room”
Contacts: Nela Pamukovic, email:
Women’s Room: Nera Komaric & zenska.
Title: “Shifting the Image on Prostitution and Trafficking in Women in Croatia – Lobbying for Legal Changes”

The main aim of the project is to promote changes of the laws and provisions concerning prostitution and trafficking, by preparing a draft-document for legal changes that would shift focus from women in prostitution toward the demand side (according to the Swedish model) and also to prevent legalization of prostitution in Croatia.

Coordinator: “Caritas Czech Republic”
Contact:Jindriska Krpalkova, email:
Title: “Let’s discuss it”

The main aim of the project, is to launch a nation-wide discussion on the issues of trafficking in women (and people in general), prostitution and different approaches to its perception (regulation/legalization of prostitution vs. criminalizing of purchase).

Coordinator: ENUT, Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre
Contact: Ilvy Joe-Cannon, email:
Title: Grassroots Campaign in Estonia to Combat Trafficking and Prostitution Focusing on Demand

The main aims of the project are to adopt legislation to combat trafficking and sexual exploitation effectively; raise public awareness about sex trafficking, its causes, the negative social effects of prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation; influence public opinion to find trafficking, prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation unacceptable; insure better law enforcement.

Coordinator: “Way Out With You” Association, founded in 1994 to give direct assistance to women in prostitution.
Contacts: Krisztina Morvai, email:
Zsuzsa Forgacs email :
Title: “Way Out With You” Drop-in Centre and Media Campaign

The main aims of the project are to provide assistance to prostituted and trafficked women and their children; and to conduct a media campaign to support the “Way Out Centre,” to demonstrate the links between trafficking and prostitution, and to point out the dangers of legalizing prostitution.

Coordinators: ”Marta, Resource Centre for Women”
Contact: Guna Garokalna, email:
Title: “Airport – Public Awareness Campaign in the International Airport of Riga”.

The main aim of the project is to raise awareness regarding the root causes of trafficking for sexual purposes (demand) and to provide information for society about trafficking in human beings. The project is located at the International Airport in Riga. The Baltic States are facing an increasing sex-tourism and at the same time trafficking in human beings is still a critical task in the society as a whole.

Coordinators:” Women’s Issues Information Center”
Contact: Jurgita Peciuriene, email:
Title: “Stop Trafficking in Women and Children!”.

A draft Law for penalizing the sex buyer (client) is now under discussion in the Parliament. Strong resistance to the proposal exists, so there is a need to neutralize it. If the draft law is accepted, there will be a strong need to make the police-force implement the law in practice.
The main aim of the project is to raise awareness in the society of the need for penalizing the sex buyers and to activate the police-officers to penalize the sex buyers.

Coordinator: Radio Plus, Prishtina
Contacts: Ermal Hasimja, email:
Puhie Demaku, email:
Title: Anti-trafficking Awareness Media Campaign

The main aims of this project are to make clear that prostitution is an incitement to trafficking; to promote prosecution of those who prostitute and traffic women; and to present an alternative legal framework to normalizing the institution of prostitution and trafficking, which will focus on demand. Content of all produced materials and radio spots below will focus on the links between prostitution and trafficking and the demand. The interviews will contain questions to ascertain current perception of these links.

Coordinator: “Women’s Safe House”
Contact: Maja Milacic, email: mnzenskilobi@cg.yu
Title: “Initiative for adoption of legal measures which will criminalize the man who buys sexual services and changing the existing legislation on punishing prostitution”.

The main aim of the project is criminalizing clients and decriminalization of prostitutes.
In the past period some developed European countries took measures for legalization of prostitution. This led to that the idea became accepted also within some women-NGOs.

Coordinator: Angel Coalition, Moscow with Mira Med Institute and Project Kesher
Contact: Marianna Solomatova, email:
Title: Information and Educations Campaign: the Volga Project

The main aims of this project are: to raise awareness about trafficking; to educate the community about trafficking and prostitution as violence against women, related to domestic violence, that leads to women’s inequality; to promote a different view and attitude towards women in the society by focusing on the demand side of trafficking and prostitution as a new lens through which to view the problem; to link prostitution, trafficking and the demand for sexual exploitation in 3 cities in Russia.

Coordinator: “Commitee for Human Rights- Majdanpek”
Contact: Mionka Nikolic, email: prava@ptt.yu
Title: “Prevention against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation”

The main aim of the project is to develop strategies to prevent and combat trafficking and sexual exploitation of human beings, especially women and children.

Trafficking in human beings, particularly women, is still a phenomenon of great proportions in the Balkans and neighbouring countries. For a long time the police and prosecutors didn't have knowledge, experience or means of intervention. In the absence of the rule of law, and in the state of constant insecurity, the prevention and combating of trafficking in women and girls were far from being a state priority.

Examples of the jingles are:
“A woman is worth a thousand, two thousand, maybe three thousand, Someone will give a million for her, And some even more, What? Euros? NO! JOY! SUCCESS! LOVE!
That is her real price.
Let her be unique – prevent the prostitution legislation.”
The project has had great support from the various institutions, media- special local journalists, the Church and political parties. There has been no problems yet.