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Simac Anisoara

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Natalia Rotaru

Natalia Rotaru
Project Assistant

Natalia Rotaru holds an Interior Design degree from UTM University and a Master degree in International and Constitutional Law from ULIM; Member of ASFC since 2006. She is the project assistant of “POLITIC Woman” project.

Natalia actively participates in projects that promote women in politics. She thinks a woman can transform her passion in career if she knows how to sacrifice herself for true values.

Snejana Sosna, Esq.
Coordinator of Youth Rights Program

Snejana Sosna, an attorney member of the Association, is a coordinator of the program that promotes youth rights. Snejana organized and implemented the project “Children also have rights” within the International Falcon Movement. This was done on the occasion of adopting the Convention regarding the Child’s Rights. She is an expert in ecological issues and land law.

Snejana Sosna graduated from the Law Department of the State University, and the Academy of Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts in Chisinau, Moldova.

Anisoara Chirsanov

Anisoara Chirsanov

Board Member of the AWCS. Coordinates the psychological assistance for victims of trafficking and domestic violence, beneficiaries of the AWCS.

Elena Bunescu
Chief Financial Officer

Elena Bunescu is the economist member of the Association. During the last 6 years, she was the lecturer at the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Training Center in Moldova. She was the Coordinator of Training Programs, responsible for organizing all of the programs and training courses, and their quality assessment and enhancement. Elena graduated from the Department of Accounting and Audit at the Academy of Economic Studies, Chisinau, Moldova. She participated in trainings organized within the program “Training of Trainers” implemented by International Trade Center, Swiss Association for Trade and Supply Management. Activated within the Administrative Division of the “Banca de Economii” Commercial Bank, Manager of the Foreign Affairs Division within “ACORD-CONSUM” Concern, Administrative Director at “ASTROLINE” Moldo-Belgian joint venture society, Manager Coordinator at Supply Management Association.

Ruslana Grosu

Ruslana Grosu
Member of AWCS

Ruslana Grosu is a Ph.D. student at the Department of History and Theory of International Relations and Global Development, Institute of History, State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Ms. Grosu holds a Master's Degree in International Law from the University of European Studies, Institute of International Relations, Chisinau, Moldova.

Aliona Turcanu

Aliona Turcanu, Esq.
Member of AWCS

Aliona Turcanu graduated from the Law Department of the State University, Chisinau, Moldova. Aliona is an attorney and Member of the Board.

Natalia Saragov

Natalia Saragov, Esq.
Member of AWCS

Natalia Saragov graduated from the Law Department of the State University, Moldova. Natalia is an attorney and Sociologist.

Crivenchi Natalia

Crivenchi Natalia, Esq.
Member of AWCS

Crivenchi Natalia is a teacher of legal sciences. The teaching activity provides her with specific capabilities for working with people, especially with teenagers. She is permanently among young people, and that gives her the opportunity to be always aware of their problems.