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Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova
Moldova Embassy in Ankara, Turkey
Ministry of Interior in Turkey; DG of Turkish National Police Department of Foreign Borders Asylum
Frösunda Solidarity Foundation, Sweden
NGO “Vivere” Switzerland
Göran Arvinius, Sweden
Moldova 4Ever

Trafficking Research and Contact Center


Conduct investigations in countries of transit and destination for victims of human trafficking; # Identify and set up contacts with Governmental Agencies, Law Enforcement Bodies and NGOs to ensure the repatriation process for victims of human trafficking; # Strengthen the cooperation with identified partners and develop cooperation strategies in combating THB; # Identify the victims of human trafficking from Moldova and from the neighbor countries: Ukraine, Romania, Byelorussia and Kazakhstan; # Carry out real actions for repatriation of identified victims.

Short Description

Throughout the implementation period the Project Team conducted visits in countries of destination for victims of human trafficking. Moldova lacks contacts and diplomatic missions in most of the newly identified countries of destination, which is one of the impediments in the process of identification and repatriation. For this purpose the project team conducted 3 missions in the United Arab Emirates and 3 visits in Turkey to identify cooperation partners and establish contacts. Women for A Contemporary Society Association established contacts with the Human Rights Department under the General Headquarters of Dubai General Police, which became our main partner in our activity. In Turkey contacts were set up and cooperation was initiated with the Ministry of Interior in Turkey, DG of Turkish National Police Department of Foreign Borders Asylum. As a result of our activity more than 70 victims, citizens of the Republic of Moldova have been repatriated, mostly from the United Arab Emirates, from jails. More than 20 investigation cases have been initiated on missing persons in this region.