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Human Trafficking

Trafficking represents more than just the selling of human bodies. Trafficking represents the high level of organized crime and not high or low social status of people. This phenomenon is a painfully clear element of government's failure to protect its citizens in conditions of high level of criminality and corruption, and to provide basic necessities to insure their civil and political rights.

Who are suffering the most in these struggles and who is responsible to stop this hideous phenomenon?  – this is the first questions that we must answer. On global level you could see a lot of strategies that are undertaken in order to fight again trafficking, thus this strategies are not sufficient enough to protect the vulnerable layers of different societies, and as a consequence people still suffer.

Indeed, reports show that the majority of exploited people in trafficking are women. Women that are unemployment continue to be exported from their native locations to big cities in country or abroad and are transformed into machines that make money for criminals. This represents a big danger for future generations of women and in order to STOP this phenomenon women must become a force in fighting with this.

Increasing women's participation in civil society is crucial in order to improve women's roles and decreasing trafficking. Overwhelming evidence from around the world has shown that when women participate fully in decision-making process the results in policy making are more inclusive, contribute to the protection of individual rights, and is more likely to resolve social inequalities that harm both men and women.

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