About Us

The Association “Woman for the Contemporary Society" is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, which was established through the free manifestation of persons in accordance with the Republic of Moldova Constitution and the legislation of the Republic of Moldova in order to achieve the common goals for the public benefit.

The Association is formed in the legal manner of public organizations. The Association is republican association and runs its activities throughout the Republic of Moldova, with the right to open branches throughout the Republic.

The Association is formed and runs its activities in order to achieve the following fundamental aims:

  • Contributes to create a collaborating model of multidisciplinary activity in the community on solving social problems of the community
  • Rights and citizen's responsibilities, the intervention and prevention of domestic violence, human trafficking, and providing information, education and communication for groups of teenagers, women, children, teenagers, families, etc.

To achieve these goals, we take into account the fact that the complexity of the problems, that a community requires a multidisciplinary approach and collaboration between professionals in various fields, like the local administration, prosecutor's office, the police services, psychology, media, education (teaching), and social assistance are essential to promote an efficient model and for our work to be effective in the community.

The Association conducts the following activities:

  • Participate in the development and launch, in collaboration with the academic field, of professional training programmers in the multidisciplinary fields to the community aspects
  • Public awareness of community problems like education and information for a sustainable family life, a non-violent way of behaviour
  • We provide multidisciplinary services related to the problems of the community and, in particular, the intervention/prevention of domestic violence cases
  • Participate in creating a flexible system of education and training on the problems community for groups of teenagers, young people, women, families
  • Develop and implement programs of support for members of the community in collaboration with the local administration
  • Carry out studies on the problems community in collaboration with the local administration
  • Participate in the organization of symposiums, actions and campaigns, educational studies and initiatives, communication projects and those of network, conferences, seminars, meetings on the problems relating to the community life field.