European Parliament Resolution on Human Trafficking Calls for Unconditional Aid to Victims
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Legislation and international conventions provide tangible opposition to trafficking in persons.
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The Association “Woman for A Contemporary Society" is a non-governmental organization, non profit making, independence, which was established through free manifestation of persons associated readiness and their activities in accordance with the Republic of Moldova Constitution, with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, in order to achieve the common goals of this determined status which follows the public benefit.
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Trafficking represents more than just the selling of human bodies. Trafficking represents the high level of organized crime and not high or low social status of people. This phenomenon is a painfully clear element of government's failure to protect its citizens in conditions of high level of criminality and corruption, and to provide basic necessities to insure their civil and political rights. Learn more

Training Programs

Cooperation of Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations in Combating Trafficking in Persons and Exchange of Experience on Reintegration of and Assistance Provision to the Victims of Trafficking. Learn more

Country Projects

The main aims of this project are several are to raise awareness about initiatives that favour decriminalization of prostitution in Albania, to oppose these initiatives, to focus on encroaching sexual tourism in the country in order to take preventive measures before the industry grows, and to promote awareness of women’s rights. Learn more

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